Hello at Elbhangfest!

The hillside along the Elbe river and its festival

The hillside along the Elbe river between Loschwitz and Pillnitz is one of the most unique and appealing cultural landscapes in the Dresden area. Between the protected meadows along the river and the higher plains of the Schönfelder Hochland, a unique architecture has developed since the Wilhelminian era in the former vineyards and in the old, characteristic villages, which now determines the character. The initial impulse came about 300 years ago, when August the Strong ordered his master builder Pöppelmann to expand the manor of Pillnitz into a lavish castle complex. Chinese decor in front of Saxon vineyards – what an inspiring backdrop for the baroque festivities of the court. A century later, the romanticists discovered that area for themselves. They roamed and hiked through the dreamy valleys of the hillside, amongst them E.T.A. Hoffmann and Tieck. Caspar David Friedrich and Ludwig Richter settled in Loschwitz, Carus and Carl Maria von Weber made Hosterwitz their home. Up to this day, the hillside along the Elbe river has kept its character as countryside of the arts with numerous hues and its own very special charm. A good place to celebrate.

Every year, during the last weekend in June, the area between Loschwitz and Pillnitz turns into a huge fairground. Over 200 events take place in a seven kilometer long stretch during that weekend, in five communities along the Elbe river and its hillsides, in village squares, in parks and villas, on the meadows along the river and on the slopes above. As an arts festival organized by local citizens, the Elbhangfest offers concerts (from flute to rock), theater, dance, recitals and special events for children. Markets for local crafts and diverse culinary specialties open in all communities. Guided tours and lectures make it possible to learn more about the region, its history and its oddities. At the same time, modern art represents the contemporary spirit of the area. A large parade marks the start of the festivities.

The Elbhangfest began in 1990, as an offspring of benefit performances for the church in the vineyard of Pillnitz and the restoration of the church in Loschwitz built by George Bähr.

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Tickets @ Eventim


The Elbhangfest, the festival along the Elbe river, extends from the bridge Blaues Wunder up to Pillnitz, making it a 7 kilometer long fairground.
The three main stages are in Loschwitz, Wachwitz and Pillnitz. In between, there are numerous events of all kinds, wine tastings, great food, and much more.

  • Parade
    from Loschwitz to Pillnitz
  • Music
    classical and modern; folk, rock, electronics, etc.
  • Dance
  • Exhibits
  • Sports
  • Offers for Family and children
  • and more!